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Operating as a Value Added Distributor and trusted advisor to the ecosystem of ICT System Integrators, resellers and partners, GCC Hellas promotes solutions and services in Security and Networks, across several sectors and companies in the Greek and Cypriot market. The company’s team of industry experts is dedicated to providing the right solution with expertise in network & security, data centres infrastructure and professional services to organizations of all sizes.
Our Mission

We fulfil and exceed ICT partners’ needs and requirements by providing highest quality, innovative and competitive solutions and services.

Our Vision

To deliver exceptional value to our partners.

Our Values

We put our partners at the centre of everything we do honouring their trust.

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Konitsis 11B, Marousi 151 25, Athens

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Empower your Cyber Security team, fortify your business


Drive your business forward by leveraging the power of our Managed Security services,
as well as our unique knowledge, state of the art tools and global best practices.

through secure IT and managed security services.

Unleash the power of your
Cyber Security team

Currently, the IT industry is going through a race between attacks and tools to protect the IT environment. This race has caused an explosion of security tools and has shortened the life cycle of cyber security.

Businesses are faced with more intense and frequent training of IT teams, rushed to gain expertise and finally implement and utilize the tools appropriately. Given the intensity and intelligence in modern attacks the holistic cyber security implementation for an organization is set to rise exponentially.

Maintaining high performance and at the same time fostering innovation and supporting business development, seems like an impossible task. On top of that, budget constraints, the global skill shortage and human capital is putting even more stress to any IT team, no matter how big or small your company is.

This is exactly why we created Spectrum MSSP!

Spectrum is a Managed Security Service offering, specially designed to set your IT troubles aside by providing the tools, knowledge, infrastructure, service and flexibility you need, to keep your mind focused on creating value for your business and your customers.







Cybersecurity challenges that Spectrum addresses

  • Getting access to highly specialized security specialists
  • Proactively protect your business at all times
  • Get access to dedicated resources for your business security
  • Optimised Cybersecurity tools that maximise ROI
  • Enrich your IT team skillset
  • Reduce the attack surface
  • Protect your IT environment

Spectrum: Detect and prevent
at all layers, powered by
human intelligence.

You don’t need just a sophisticated solution or an advanced Cloud infrastructure. You actually need highly specialized and trained engineers to optimize your cybersecurity posture and maximize the return on your investment. This is exactly what Spectrum MSSP is all about: Experts, leading vendors, sophisticated and highly scalable cloud-based solutions that address today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges head-on.

Spectrum Services can take away any worries from your day-to-day security operations and your IT department can focus on your business goals and drive innovation.

In order to meet your specialized needs, Spectrum MSSP offers flexible delivery models, service levels, and coverage options. Working with Spectrum allows you to finally get some piece of mind, increase your IT capabilities and secure your business.


  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Monitoring and Response
  • Security as a Service
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Protection

Stay secure at all times. Detect, prevent and protect in a highly efficient way without sacrificing your business agility and functionality. Resolve threats before they even become an issue and utilize highly sophisticated tools and technologies to keep people, data and customers safe and compliant.

“Spectrum has been a strategic partner in securing a safe work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 out-break, ensuring business continuity”