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Cybersecurity in Education

Are you implementing the right measures to keep research, private data, financial information, and student details secure?

From the potential financial gain of accessing student fees, the data theft of private information of employees, to accessing restricted research and risking national security, the education sector has a lot to lose in the event of an attack. With threats growing against the industry daily, investing in cyber security measures to identify vulnerabilities, harden protection, and safeguard digital assets has never been more crucial.

A Reactive Risk Strategy

Institutions simply cannot keep pace with the volume, velocity, and sophistication of advanced threats today. Traditional cyber security approaches are ineffective in detecting, responding to, and preventing threats. This exposes critical institutional data and systems to data loss and operational disruption and outages.

A Growing Attack Surface

The number of network-connected devices has increased exponentially in recent years, and many of those devices are not owned by the institution. One study finds that students bring an average of eight or nine devices to campus. All these trends contribute to a greatly expanded attack surface that requires a strategic, coordinated approach to security.

Thwarting Insider Threats

In a world where trust is no longer a static concept, even internal traffic between departments, faculty, staff, and students can lead to intrusions—whether by trusted individuals or by hackers impersonating them. Institutions struggle to find new ways to intelligently segment the network and to verify the trust of each user and device that seeks access.

Rationalizing IT Operations

A rapidly expanding attack surface has prompted many institutions to purchase point products to cover specific needs. They also tend to rely on the built-in security tools for each public cloud they utilize. Regardless of the adequacy of the individual tools, their lack of integration with each other results in a heavily siloed security architecture. This creates immense operational inefficiencies as highly paid cybersecurity staff spend valuable time correlating log information and creating manual reports. These manual processes also hamper threat detection and response in today’s fast-moving threat environment.

Over 80% of Higher Education Institutions Have
Identified a Breach in the Last 12 Months

To remediate your specific cyber security needs, see our range of services here.

Gain visibility

Spectrum provides a cost-effective deployment of SIEM technology for your network to give you greater visibility for spotting threats and remediating attacks. This allows organizations, through Spectrum to implement user behavior analytics, application monitoring, network forensics and analytics, log management and compliance reporting and file integrity monitoring.

Latest technologies

With Spectrum’s SECaaS you’re always using tools and technologies that are updated with the latest threat intelligence and security features. This means you get to use state-of-the-art technology while keeping your cost down.

Continuous Evaluation

Spectrum cyber threat platform allows you and your organization’s business stakeholders to continuously monitor the most important cybersecurity KPIs for your organization. This tool delivers actionable security intelligence that enables security and risk management teams to find and reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Business context security

Context-based security applies intelligence about company environments to the systems and data being protected. Proper context helps identify appropriate levels of security, improves the precision of security controls and makes security reporting more meaningful for the business.

Free Consultation

To understand your vulnerabilities and to navigate the growing financial threats and compliance processes, have a free consultation with a Spectrum Security Expert.