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Cybersecurity in Government

In an ideal world, when citizens give their data to local governments, it would stay safe and protected from cyberthreats. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case, as the list of cybersecurity challenges continues to grow at an exponential rate.

It’s clear that governments need to gain greater visibility into what’s happening in their networks before a breach occurs. However, for most public sector organizations, funding, and staffing a 24/7 security operations program on a tight budget is an uphill battle.

Stagnant Budgets

Yearly budget increases aren’t keeping up with growing number of sophisticated threats, as well as the new tools and solutions needed to stop them.

Integration of Security Architecture

As the attack surface expands for a local government, cybersecurity teams scramble to fill coverage gaps with point products. Over time, this results in a highly siloed security architecture filled with solutions that do not integrate or communicate with each other. This architectural fragmentation results in decreased visibility, delayed threat response, and operational inefficiencies. It also creates cost inefficiencies due to siloed, overlapping software and hardware license costs.

Compliance Reporting

Governments are accountable to the public, and compliance information is often a matter of public record. They must achieve and report compliance with regulations about the handling of personal information, protection of critical infrastructure, and environmental standards.

Aggressive Threat Landscape

Protect against advanced malware distributed by organized cybercriminal and identify vulnerabilities across databases, networks and applications (including mobile).

Governments, are one of the most common targets for attacks because they hold vast amounts of personal information and intellectual property

To remediate your specific cyber security needs, see our range of services here.

Gain visibility

Spectrum provides a cost-effective deployment of SIEM technology for your network to give you greater visibility for spotting threats and remediating attacks. This allows organizations, through Spectrum to implement user behavior analytics, application monitoring, network forensics and analytics, log management and compliance reporting and file integrity monitoring.

Latest technologies

With Spectrum’s SECaaS you’re always using tools and technologies that are updated with the latest threat intelligence and security features. This means you get to use state-of-the-art technology while keeping your cost down.

Continuous Evaluation

Spectrum cyber threat platform allows you and your organization’s business stakeholders to continuously monitor the most important cybersecurity KPIs for your organization. This tool delivers actionable security intelligence that enables security and risk management teams to find and reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Meet compliance obligations

You can now protect against both external and internal threats in a very fast, highly-effective and cost-efficient manner. You can document and manage all your security efforts, thus staying compliant with all governmental, business or other regulations.

Free Consultation

To understand your vulnerabilities and to navigate the growing financial threats and compliance processes, have a free consultation with a Spectrum Security Expert.