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Cybersecurity in Telecommunications

Given that this industry controls a vast majority of complex and critical infrastructure, the impact of a successful attack is not only significant, but extensive.

As the threat landscape has changed, cyber-attacks against the telecom industry are soaring. From satellite companies, internet providers to telephone corporations, the infrastructure behind these organizations makes it possible for all videos, audio and text to be sent across the globe. Without it we are stranded. Criminals know this.

Network Performance

Customers expect high performance from their communications service providers (CSPs) networks—whether they are using in-store wireless access at a retail location or waiting for their traffic to be routed through the corporate data center. If security technology decreases network performance, it will negatively impact customer experience.

Operational Efficiency

Securing a CSP’s vast network requires a number of different security elements. If these security solutions are not integrated, security workflows must be managed manually. These operational inefficiencies delay threat detection, prevention, and response, create redundancy, and increase operating expense (OpEx) costs.

End-to-End Visibility

CSPs have diverse networks, including on-premises data centers, cloud deployments, and retail locations with internet-connected point-of-sale (POS) systems. Protecting these heterogeneous networks requires networkwide visibility. However, the point security products deployed to protect against sophisticated, multifaceted attacks create silos that impair visibility.

Regulatory Compliance

CSPs collect payment card and other sensitive data from customers. This sensitive data is stored and processed across the organization’s network—both in on-premises data centers and private and public clouds, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. Securing this data in accordance with regulatory standards, such as PCI DSS, becomes more challenging as the organization’s network grows in complexity.

More than a quarter of total security incidents within the industry are down to human errors and insider threats.

To remediate your specific cyber security needs, see our range of services here.

Gain visibility

Spectrum provides a cost-effective deployment of SIEM technology for your network to give you greater visibility for spotting threats and remediating attacks. This allows organizations, through Spectrum to implement user behavior analytics, application monitoring, network forensics and analytics, log management and compliance reporting and file integrity monitoring.

Continuous Evaluation

Spectrum cyber threat platform allows you and your organization’s business stakeholders to continuously monitor the most important cybersecurity KPIs for your organization. This tool delivers actionable security intelligence that enables security and risk management teams to find and reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Secure infrastructure

Spectrum addresses the challenge of an expanding attack surface by providing an organization with end-to-end security and visibility across their network infrastructure

Meet compliance obligations

You can now protect against both external and internal threats in a very fast, highly-effective and cost-efficient manner. You can document and manage all your security efforts, thus staying compliant with all governmental, business or other regulations.

Free Consultation

To understand your vulnerabilities and to navigate the growing financial threats and compliance processes, have a free consultation with a Spectrum Security Expert.